Thoughts From a Menopause Nutritionist

The peri-menopause and menopausal years are an important time for women to take good care of our emotional and physical health. A menopause nutritionist can help you to navigate menopause with vibrant vitality.

Bone health – With exercise and appropriate nutrition we can support good bone health and protection from osteoporosis.

Hormone Balancing – At this time of change, our hormones can get out of whack, which may result in hot-flushes, mood swings, poor sleep and weight gain. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

By addressing dietary factors and replacing less helpful foods and drinks with an anti-inflammatory and hormone balancing diet, we can cruise
through menopause and into the next stage in our lives.

Heart health – Declining oestrogen levels can increase the likelihood of cardiovascular issues. We can help to mitigate this risk by balancing hormones with plant-derived oestrogens, regular exercise, stress management and by maintaining a healthy weight.

Weight Management – Some women begin to struggle with weight gain during and after the menopause. A Nutritional Therapist can guide you towards a healthier weight with a healthy and sustainable diet.

Skin Health – There is so much we can do with nutrition and hydration to ensure that we positively glow through life.

Diet and the menopause have a close link, if you want to learn more about this contact me today.