Improve Immune System With Diet – How They Are Linked

In this blog we look into how to improve immune system with diet. The two are closely linked and with some small adjustments, you can make improvements to your immune system. Read on.

Sometimes, when we are stressed, tired or burning the candle at both ends, we find that we can get sick very easily. A nutritional therapist can help support your immune system back to optimal condition.

When we are in stress mode – whether we’re stuck in traffic, feeling hungry or someone has been quite rude to us – our body thinks we are in danger and releases cortisol into the bloodstream. The cortisol is there to help us ‘fight or flight’.

However, when there is no bear to fight with or tiger to run from, the cortisol remains in our bloodstream causing havoc and inflammation. And inflammation is a driver in all chronic diseases.

Our bodies also prioritise cortisol production over the immune system (keeping us alive over keeping us well), so important nutrients like vitamin C, magnesium and B-vitamins are directed away from the immune system to the stress response. And this is why we get sick when we are stressed out.

Eating well and not going hungry, sleeping well, taking time out, staying hydrated and removing ourselves from toxic people and situations are therefore not just desirable but essential for our good health.

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