Obesity and immune system – why all the fuss about obesity and Covid-19?

When we talk about obesity and immune system we first of all, we need to understand that it’s not about weight. It’s not about clothes size and it’s not about body shaming. It’s about belly fat. AKA spare tyre, muffin top, beer belly, paunch…………and slim people can have belly fat too………..known as apple or barrel-shaped.

The difference between belly fat and fat that is stored elsewhere on our bodies is that belly fat, stored in and around our central organs, is ‘active’ fat. It doesn’t sit there passively. It actively secretes hormones like insulin (which may lead to diabetes), leptin (which may lead to leptin resistance and overeating) and inflammatory cytokines, which could ignite a ‘cytokine storm’ in a severe Covid-19 infection. So, to be blunt about it, the bigger the belly, the bigger the risk.

Each pound of belly fat lost – only where it’s needed – reduces base levels of inflammation in our bodies, protecting us from a myriad of ‘pre-existing conditions like diabetes, hypertension and many cancers.

Eating for a healthier ‘waist-hip ratio’ means eating good quality proteins, whole grains, plenty of fruits and vegetables and importantly, exercise.

A nutritional therapist can help you understand more about the link between obesity and your immune system. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.