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Nutritional Therapist Specialising in Eczema and Gut Health

Nutritional Therapist Specialising in Eczema and Gut Health

Admin99 | 30th March 2021

Nutritional Therapist Specialising in Eczema and Gut Health

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Your body is designed to thrive and can heal itself, given the right environment.

Meet Tamla

Hello! I love working with people, getting to the root of your health concerns and helping steer you back towards optimal health.

My personal interest in Nutritional Therapy introduced me to studying it professionally, where I discovered the joy of helping people, often with chronic health problems, to regain their health with personalised nutrition plans.

Working with you on a one-to-one level, I like to keep sessions relaxed, personable and constructive. I offer a free 15 minute discovery call to answer any questions you may have about the nutritional therapy process and what to expect. 

Tamla Anderson, DipNT mANP BANT CNHC
Nutritional Therapist, Splendid Nutrition.
*Tamla is a registered member with the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners and The British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine and complies with their best practice standards at all times

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  • The eczema on my face and neck have cleared up completely

    Soraya, North London
  • I love the food and feel more confident every day

    Brian, Ex-professional footballer
  • Tamla was really wonderful to work with... and we did everything over Zoom because of the pandemic!

    Annie, Eczema sufferer
  • I have lost 3 cms from my waist and am feeling much better about my holiday.

    Jessica, Richmond upon Thames
  • I can’t believe that I hardly even sneezed this Spring! My allergies finally feel under control.

    Kelly, Surbiton
  • Your knowledge and understanding about eczema is outstanding, the difference in my son in just six weeks is breathtaking.

    Christine, Kingston

How can Nutritional Therapy help you?

Everybody is different. This is why I take clients through a detailed medical history questionnaire and build a personalised plan, tailored especially for you.

Tamla is experienced in working with the following health situations:


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Gut Microbiome

Our guts are hosts to trillions of tiny organisms, collectively known as the ‘microbiome’.

This collection of bacteria, fungi, viruses and yeasts weighs around two kilos and lives in commensal harmony with us. They need us to host them and we need them in order to survive. We live completely co-dependently with our microbiome and like any relationship, it can be a healthy or less healthy existence.

Click here to download your free Gut Microbiome information sheet

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Five steps to better health

Changing our food habits and routines takes practice, time and guidance. Tamla will take you through five steps to support you back to better health.

1). Finding out about you 

Your first session is all about you. Tamla will take you through a detailed medical history questionnaire in order to build a comprehensive and holistic picture of your health situation. This process enables Tamla to identify potential root causes, triggers and mediators to your condition.

2). What are your main goals? 

We will identify your objectives and prioritise the symptoms you wish to address.

3). Learn how to use your nutritional toolkit  

Tamla will build a detailed and personalised plan, based on your medical history and personal health objectives. Your plan will include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas as well as foods to steer clear of. Tamla may also suggest supplements that may be helpful and in some circumstances, functional testing.

4). Support and guidance 

As you begin your new plan, Tamla will be there to support and guide you and keep you on track if needed. While the plans are easy to follow and enjoyable, change can feel tricky to start with and so support is there if you need it.  

5). Enjoy success 

The best part of working with clients as a nutritional therapist is meeting them after their plan and hearing (and seeing!) how well they are doing. You will be empowered throughout the program in such a way that you will better understand how food affects your health so that you can better look after yourself into the future.

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Appointments are available in Harley Street and Kingston Upon Thames, within easy reach of Teddington, Twickenham, Richmond, Surbiton, Raynes Park, Hampton Wick and East Molesley. Video consultations are also available.

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