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Diet & Disease

Diet & Disease

Admin99 | 30th March 2021

Inflammation, Diet & Disease.

When something threatens to damage our cells, our body releases chemicals that trigger a response from our immune system – This is inflammation.

So, inflammation, inappropriate amounts is a good thing. It prevents us from walking on a twisted ankle and it kills harmful toxins.

However, excess inflammation causes problems and is implicated in almost all chronic illnesses from hypertension and diabetes to asthma and cancer. They’re all driven by excess inflammation in the body.

Excess inflammation in the body may be the result of diet and lifestyle choices, stress or chronic toxin exposure and there’s much that we can do to reduce inflammation in order to better protect our long-term health.

We can cut down on or eliminate sugary and processed foods which, when broken down in the gut produce toxins and in turn, invites an inflammatory response.

We can increase our intake of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fermented foods. When these foods are digested, short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) are released. These SCFAs regulate metabolism and lower inflammation.

Hydrate. We need plenty of water to help us eliminate toxins and thus reduce inflammation.

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